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I'm here to help youreclaim calm

on your wedding day.



Grab a free copy of our e-book, all about how to have a stress-free wedding day ​through the power of breathwork and meditation.

When you add breathwork and meditation into your daily routine, you will learn how to ​calm your mind, release tension in the body, and improve overall wellness - preparing ​yourself for a stress-free and joyful wedding day.


Are you a wedding vendor or engaged couple (soon to be married!) ​looking for a virtual space to connect and grow with like-minded ​consciousness explorers? Look no further than our monthly online ​membership, The Wedding Wellness Club, offering online educational ​content about breathwork, guided breathwork + meditation sessions, ​and stress-relief techniques so you can experience a calmer, more ​centered wedding day.

One of the biggest challenges in sustaining a self-care practice is ​consistency, but with our platform, you'll have access to guided ​practices and community support to help you stay motivated and ​encouraged. Surround yourself with other people in the wedding ​industry (professionals and couples) who strive to take optimal care of ​themselves, and be inspired by their commitment to personal and ​professional growth.

Our membership is designed for those ready to integrate breathwork, ​meditation, journaling, and mentorship into their daily routine. If you're ​committed to your own wellness evolution, join us and start your ​journey towards balance, peace, and empowerment today.

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Breathwork is a scientifically recognized technique that utilizes specific respiratory ​patterns to induce a state of profound relaxation and heightened cognitive state. ​Who wouldn't want that on their wedding day? By altering our breath, you can ​activate the body's innate healing mechanisms and release accumulated emotional ​and physical tension.

With the monthly membership community, The Wedding Wellness Club, you can ​learn to use your breath to:

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Improve sleep

• Improve focus and clarity

• Increase energy levels

• Release emotional blockages

• Improve physical performance

If all of this sounds like it's calling your name, sign up for a 7-day free trial!

(7-day free trial, then $20/month)

MEmbership benefits

Online Educational Content

(access educational videos anytime, anywhere)

  • Learn the basics of breathwork and mindfulness.
  • Learn breathing techniques you can use whenever you need it, ​especially on the wedding day, to feel more calm and relaxed.
Tiny Plant Hand Drawn Intricate Illustration
Tiny Plant Hand Drawn Intricate Illustration

Guided Breathwork + Meditation Sessions

(on-demand library to experience bliss whenever you need it)

  • Put your headphones on and join a guided breathwork or ​meditation session whenever you need it most.
  • Can be used on a regular basis, or the morning of your wedding ​when you want to feel calm, focused, and centered.

Monthly Workshop + Q&A

  • Join a live monthly workshop to learn a new skill about ​breathwork, mindfulness, stress management.
  • Bonus workshops are offered by community health professionals.
  • All workshops are recorded and you can watch the replays within ​the archived library anytime.
Tiny Plant Hand Drawn Intricate Illustration
Tiny Plant Hand Drawn Intricate Illustration

Community + Connection

  • Connect with other wedding vendors or engaged couples to share ​your experiences, grow with one another, and support each other.
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JOIN the wedding wellness CLUB

(7-day free trial, then $20/month)

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about dan

With 8 years of experience as a wedding photographer, and having photographed over 200 weddings, I understand how ​overwhelming it can be to plan a wedding and how stressful the wedding day itself can be.

That's why I've created a monthly membership, The Wedding Wellness Club, for stressed and overwhelmed wedding ​vendors and couples planning their big day. My unique breathwork coaching, online content, guided meditations + breathwork ​sessions will help you better manage stress and anxiety, improve focus, be more present, and feel better mentally, ​emotionally, and physically on the wedding day.

In addition to being a wedding photographer, I’m also a certified breathwork coach who is passionate about helping people ​improve their mental, emotional, and physical health through the practice of breathwork and meditation. With over 3 years ​of experience in the field, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide clients on their journey towards better health.

I began studying breathwork at the beginning of 2020 as a way to improve my own health and wellness during the pandemic, ​and was quickly inspired by the powerful effects of the practice. After years of self-study and training, I became a certified ​breathwork coach and began helping others to experience the benefits of intentional breathing, and thus, The Wedding ​Wellness Club membership was born.

Join our community today to begin your journey towards a calmer, more centered wedding day.

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